grappa di nobile


Grappa di Nobile Santoni is produced from a fresh, golden, grape-based pomace from the Nobile di Montepulciano vineyards. It is distilled in copper boilers without reaching a high alcohol content in order to preserve the typical aromatic intensity of this prestigious wine. This process produces a grappa that is both mellow and aromatic. Left to age in stainless-steel barrels for a period of 6 months, the final result is a perfect blend of aromas and scents.


  Grappa di Nobile
CL. 75
Alcohol content: 40
Serving temperature: 11° C
Color: crystal clear
Flavor: full-boiled, supple and elegant
 Grappa di Nobile
Quality Selection  



One of the most apreciated italian
liqueur. You can taste its real flavour
with the Santoni’s recipe, that combines
the best almond’s oil with the most
aromatic spices.

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quality has deep roots
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