gabriello lemon cream


This cream is produced following the ancient and original Santoni’s recipe using only the finest lemons.
That’s a creamy, soft and fragrant liqueur which comes from a combination of limoncello – got from the best skins – and from the most velvety milk-cream. The result is a soft, creamy, fragrant and particularly pleasant liqueur.
Perfect to enjoy a relaxing moment or to have a refreshing in summer if served cold thanks to its lemon flavor and sweet aftertaste.

  Gabriello Lemon Cream
CL. 75
Alcohol content: 17
Serving temperature: best served cold
Color: creamy yellow
Flavor: sweet, creamy and persuasive
 Gabriello Lemon Cream



This is a young grappa (a grape-based
pomace brandy) produced from a single
Sangiovese grapevine.
Unmistakable bouquet of aromas.

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quality has deep roots
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